Tech Support Campaigning

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How Can we Help You ?

1. We Manage Campaigns for Tech Support

2. We Provide Training on Tech Support Campaigns

3. We setup Network Campaigns for Lead Generation

Who are the Experts

Best of the men from Tech Support industry with core expertise in Google Adwords, Bing, Networks and other call generation platforms available online.

What Does our services Include

1. Training on Tech Lead Generation

2. Campaign Setup on Bing Adwords

3. Network Accounts Setup for Leads

4.SEO Optimization for Tech Support websites

5. WHITE Label PPI Services for 1st Tech Support Business

Tech Support Setup plan for Startups

1. Website planning for Tech Business

2. Choosing the right business categories

3. Quick SEO setup strategies for generating calls within 1 month

4. Calls management

5. Calls selling

6. Calls filtering

7. Fraud click management

8. Server setup and RDP

9. Payment gateways setup 

10. BTC payouts

Speak to our Tech Support Consultant with Over 12 years experience in IT Industry – Call 9953497000